March 7, 2022

Auf eine Brotzeit und 5 Fragen mit … Emily Chee von Pernod Ricard

Was ist wichtiger: Eine starke Marke oder ein gutes Produkt? Und welche Potenziale siehst du für den Getränkemarkt im Jahr 2022? Die Antworten auf diese Fragen (und viele mehr) gibt es einmal im Monat in der Stories+ Brotzeit, dem Business-Interview von Kitchen Stories.

  • Dieses Mal antwortet Emily Chee von Pernod Ricard.
  • Als Brand Manager ist sie verantwortlich für die langfristige Entwicklung und Positionierung der italienischen Likör-Marken Ramazzotti und Italicus.
  • Ihre Lieblings-Brotzeit ist übrigens passenderweise die italienische: Antipasti.

In 2022 the beverage market is facing several challenges: In addition to the ongoing Covid issue, the consumer’s increasing health awareness and the oversaturated market with constantly new brands are also playing a significant role. Given these circumstances, what potential do you see for Pernod Ricard this year?

  • Be closer to consumer: The beverage market dynamics are changing rapidly and the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated the pace. Instead of seeing these changes as challenges, we perceive them as opportunities to strengthen our connection with consumers by having a 100% consumer centric mindset to growth and innovation.
  • Provide information: With the global pandemic having taken a toll on people’s well-being, health is at the heart of consumers' attention. Consumers want to enhance their well-being without compromising their quest for indulgence. They are seeking to marry hedonism with a clean conscience and are keen to share convivial moments while drinking moderately. Here we see opportunities for us to connect with our consumers, which are to keep promoting responsible drinking and moderation amongst adult drinkers, communicating clearly on product content with calorie labeling on all our products and full nutritional information shared online and not to forget, optimizing our low alcohol portfolio as part of a wider range of options for consumers.
  • Investing in innovations: People’s attitude towards drinks is constantly changing as consumers are driven by new aspirations and influenced by new societal contexts. Thus, the industry has become extremely competitive with new brands emerging and established brands evolving in staying relevant with consumers. As one of the leaders in the wine & spirit industry, we continue to use our innovation capabilities in bringing new exciting, yet relevant products to our drinkers. So, stay tuned!

In the world of brands, they say that the product itself is less important than what you create out of it. Would you agree with that?

As a consumer myself, emotional value contributes more to brand preference. In recent years, S&R (Sustainability& Responsibility) is at the heart of societal evolution of conviviality. This is the new paradigm. Consumers now look for sustainable and socially responsible brands, products, services and convivial occasions.

They want to consume with purpose and they want their consumption to reflect their convictions. Thus, they increasingly hold brands accountable. As a result, brands with a compelling vision of valuing people, nurturing terroir and/or circular making win the heart of consumers.

However, the functional value of a product is necessary. Regardless of how ambitious the brand purpose or vision is, if the product is of bad quality and craftsmanship, consumers will not accept it.

Emilys Lieblings-Brotzeit ist passenderweise die italienische: Antipasti.

Italian liqueurs have been enjoying increasing popularity for years now, especially in the form of aperitifs. What is the story behind that?

The diversity of Italian spirits and liqueurs has been known worldwide for years and in the recent past, the aperitif category is growing due to the globalization of the Aperitif culture with daytime drinking and conscious consumption - the low ABV trend.

Aperitif is derived from the Latin “aperire” which means to open and this captures perfectly the essence of the Italian Aperitivo culture, which is to come together and open up, to have good conversation and to stimulate the appetite; a simple good old way to just simply enjoy each other’s company. This brings a sense of community, which was heightened by Covid-19 that people desire to meet and interact in real life.

Besides, this Mediterranean culture brings back good memories and evokes the joyful vacation feeling in people, which was restrained during the pandemic travel restriction period.

A drink rarely comes alone. Aside from Kitchen Stories, obviously, what would be your personal favorite collaboration for the Ramazzotti brand?

I love any collaboration that brings Ramazzotti brand world to life, which is the Italian heartiness that welcomes everyone to the table. Besides Kitchen Stories, I enjoyed being a partner in the Stuttgarter Sommerfest, celebrating summer at the unique summer open-air party around the Schlossplatz and the Theatersee.

The unforgettable summer evenings at our Piazza Ramazzotti, from serving Italian delicacies and of course Ramazzotti drinks to dancing the night away, perfectly reflected our brand world.

What is the most magical place in the world for you – and what to eat (and drink) there?

Rome (& parts of Vatican City) is the most magical place for me. Walking around the city with its ancient ruins was like reliving the Hollywood films with me being in them (from the Gladiator to the Da Vinci Code’s sequels). The city itself is like an open space museum – so rich in history and beautiful in its architecture.

As people say, ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’, so the best way for me to be in touch with the locals is to enjoy their meal, typically consisting of 4 courses.

After a long day in Rome, I rewarded myself with an Aperitif in hand and nibbled the antipasti platter to kickstart my appetite. I had my favorite Italian’s pasta, spaghetti alla carbonara, as the first course and mixed grilled seafood (prawn, scampi, squid and cuttlefish) as the second course. Still leaving a bit of room in my tummy, I satisfied my sweet tooth with Tiramisu and rounded my meal with Limoncello.

... At the end of the day, I could finally say - La Dolce Vita.

Luise Linne
Corporate Communications

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