Yeni Raki

The Meze Night Engagement Campaign

In partnership with
Yeni Raki
In our collaboration with Yeni Rakı, we have significantly increased campaign engagement through a clever marketing idea. The Meze Night campaign is now one of our most successful examples of targeted integration of a high-percentage stimulant on our platform.

2.5 m



Video Plays


Engagement rate


Integration of a rather unknown luxury product in a young to middle-aged, urban target group.


We place Yeni Rakı as a food pairing with our recipes for a perfect meze night.

Content & channels

1 brand story, 1 social media reel, 3 photo recipes, 1 ad placement, 1 competition//Our channels: Kitchen Stories Channel, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest

Above-average engagement in the Yeni Rakı sweepstakes

The mix of successful storytelling, attractive prizes and cross-media coverage led to an above-average engagement rate, almost 3,000 participants and a conversion rate of 45% for the specially created landing page.

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